Financial Transparency

Justice High School is a public school within the Boulder Valley School District.  Justice High School provides year round college prep education for all enrolled Boulder Valley students. Justice High School’s curriculum and program design is ideal for at risk youth who are disconnected from the traditional school system because of juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, alienation, or other factors. Justice High provides its students with a structured academic setting with high expectations. Justice High’s philosophy is that these ‘at risk’ youth can become successful if given an opportunity and structured environment. The school’s program provides instruction using the AP model. Justice High’s educational program will allow students attending full time to finish their high school requirements within two to three years. Justice High School does not discriminate in its hiring practices nor its admission of students. Justice High gives each student the opportunity to grow into respectful adults who will have the knowledge, will, and self-esteem to succeed in college and life.

During its 2010 session, the Colorado General Assembly enacted the “Public School Financial Transparency Act” as part of House Bill 10-1036. Section 22-44-304 of the Colorado Revised Statutes states “Commencing July 1, 2010, and on a continuing basis thereafter, each local education provider shall post [financial] information on-line, in a downloadable format, for free public access.” The Act defines “Local Education Providers” to include both school districts and charter schools. To meet these new requirements of this act, we have posted the following items:

Annual Budget Documents

Current and prior two years

Audited Financial Statements

Current and prior two years

Quarterly Financial Statements

Salary Policy

1-5 years


5-10 years


10-15 years


Accounts Payable Check Registers

Procurement Card Transactions

School Based Accounts & Investment Reports

Justice High School Currently Has No School Based Accounts

Justice High School Currently has No Investment Reports

Contact Information:  T.J. Cole, Principal 720-328-4864 or